NA - Foil pink meets rainbow

NA - Foil pink meets rainbow


For extravagant Nail Art Creations. Use in combination with the LCN Nail Art FOil Gel 'Black'

Available in two colour variations 2 x 25cm foils each.


  • File a modelled nail in the form.
  • Draw any pattern on the nail with an LCN Nail Art Brush or the Spot Swirl. Use the Nail Art Foil Gel "Black" or "White" for this.
  • Cure the gel in the LED device for 60 seconds or in the UV tube device for 2 minutes.
  • Press the nail art foil into the dispersion layer, with the matte side facing down, and pull off.
  • The nail art foil sticks only to the LCN Nail Art foil gel.
  • Seal & cure.