Skin Expert Wrinkle remove

Skin Expert Wrinkle remove


3 Levels

Level 1

» Oscillation frequency 6200 / min

» Blue light

Level 2

» Oscillation frequency 9500 / min

» Magnetic heat therapy 45° C + -5°

» Green light

Level 3

» Oscillation frequency 12500 / min

» Magnetic heat therapy 45° C + -5°

» Red light

Benefits of different colour lights:

Blue light

Promotes protein and collagen synthesis. The skin appears tighter and pores are refined. Ideal for oily and sensitive skin.

Green light

Improves the cells intake of oxygen and promotes the skin’s micro circulation. It has a soothing and balancing effect on the skin.

Red light

Increases cell vitality, accelerates blood circulation and promotes

fibroblast cell and collagen growth. It has a wrinkle smoothing and skin tightening effect. In addition the Red

Light can be used for scarred skin in order to achieve a fading of scars